Hören. Fühlen. Sprechen.


Hello from Freiburg, Germany! Hallo aus Deutschland!

Are you currently learning German for private or professional reasons?

Would you like to refresh your existing knowledge?

Do you want to vocalize the best possible pronunciation?

Do you have inhibitions about using the language and desire to have more self-confidence?

Welcome – Willkommen!

I am Enrico. As an online coach and training partner, I offer you precisely what theory-based school lessons cannot achieve and a space for practical experience that is rarely possible during individual lessons in private or professionally motivated education.

To build your strengths in the shortest possible time we will take the following steps together:

1. Get a feel for the language

We practice the most important basic sounds and the necessary mouth movements.

2.  The Speaking

You read chosen or given sentences, passages from books/newspapers or even poems and song lyrics. My job is to listen and to correct immediately when necessary. We also practice simple everyday communication through dialogue and role-play.

3. The Listening

We regularly record exercises, listen to them together and analyze the pronunciation.

With the repetitive sound of German in your ear, you will gain more confidence and improve in a short time.

If you want, I will also help you to improve your correspondence in German. I will give you simple and effective tips on how to express yourself confidently and purposefully.

And that's how we do it:

Single Live Coaching via Skype, Zoom or Jitsi.

Technical requirement: Internet access, Webcam, Headset/Microphone.

Let me know what your aims and language level are.

Please send me an email to sprachstudio@novi.de and tell me a bit about yourself.

Then we will arrange an online meeting and a trial lesson. Finally, I'll make you an

offer projecting the expected number of hours and costs.



Phone/SMS/Facetime/Signal or WhatsApp 0049 173 7007 106

Skype live:info_1124149

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Enrico Novi